Engage/Request A Speaker


Many people want to help, they just don't know how.  Others are afraid of or feel uncomfortable around the homeless.  Some have a totally skewed opinion of them due to lack of true knowledge about the homeless condition.  We are devoted to helping dispell the myths that exist concerning homelessness.  We would love to talk to you about it.  If your company, organization, school, civic group, church, etc would like to learn more, would you please contact us?  We would be honored and pleased to come speak to your group.  It is absolutely free to you.  We never charge a fee.


For more information and to schedule a speaker, please call Sandy Dalton at 601 940 0405.

Interaction With The Homeless

1. TALK TO THE PERSON WITH RESPECT.  Taking time to talk to a homeless person in a friendly, respectful manner can give them a wonderful sense of civility and dignity.  It also allows the person to fight isolation, depression, and paranoia that he or she may face.

2. SHARE GOD'S LOVE WHENEVER YOU CAN.  A warm smile and a hug can lift the spirits of a homeless person in ways that we never think about.  We all desire to feel like we are loved, accepted, and cared about.

3. PRAY FOR THE PERSON.  Exposure to the elements, dirt, occasional viloence, and lack of purpose all drain years from a person's life.  God can use your prayers and the brutality of life on the streets to bring many of the broken to Himself.

4. TAKE PRECAUTIONS.  Always be prudent while talking with the homlesss.  Stay in areas where other people can see you.  Don't take unneccessary chances.